Broken Arrow Ranch -JH Photography

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Hello, I am Jordon.

I am the owner of JH Photography. I'll give you a little backstory about myself and how I became a photographer.

I was born and raised on the Wind River Reservation in Central Wyoming. I have been raised around ranching and rodeo my whole life with my parents, grandpa, and three brothers.

Ever since I can remember my late Grandpa Jim had a disposable camera taking pictures of his grandkids. (I honestly think that is where my love for photography came from.). He took photos of us always roping, riding, playing outside on the four wheelers and motorcycles, and just everything we did. As I have gotten older I found the love for being behind the camera like my Grandpa Jim...

I find it so important to have something to physically hold on too, along with the memories. There is just something so special that allows you to pass down to generations.

Being able to capture those moments for your keep sake is only one thing I love about being a photographer. I love getting to meet and know new people and their family, and become a friend!

""Photography is the pause button of life.""

—ty holland